Success is not a Random Process

In my experience every success or failure is attributed to our vision , choices made and relentless persistence to follow-through.

Having a clear picture of what the end out put should look like is key to designing your journey but is made possible only if you have the right people supporting you , powered by your own commitment and drive. Also its quite easy to pull along people along your journey by your won electrifying value proposition . People follow leaders who have a story to sell which is empathetic and something they can relate to. No one is interested in whims and fancies of our own self experience

Its not just important to have a strong vision or desire or want , its equally important to shape the vision , align key stakeholders and execute with speed and in the direction – be in personal or professional life.

Along the road things may be imperfect , you can plan as much to avoid last minute surprises but you cant eliminate them . Whats important is to be flexible , prioritize and get the key things in shape.

My thoughts , whilst completing last few weeks of my business school journey(June 2016).

Flash back Feb 2016 – When I had hardly picked up my life after losing my mother to strong fight to Cancer